Claim Service

Claim service is the most important part of any insurance program.  We make an effort to provide our customers with insurance coverage through companies that have proven over time to promptly and fairly handle your claims.  We are happy to assist you during the claim process. 
If the unfortunate should occur and claim service is needed please feel free to call our agency for assistance reporting the claim and for post report follow-up.  You may also report a claim directly to many of the insurance companies for 24 hour claim assistance.  Direct reporting works very well and can be used by customers without hesitation.  If you wish to consult this agency prior to reporting a claim or if you prefer for us to make the initial report for you, please call us at 315-437-5191, we are happy to assist you.

Claim Contact Information

AGENCY CONTACT:   Phone 315-437-5191 / Fax 315-437-5372


American Modern Home Ins:  Claims & Billing 1-800-543-2644
Foremost Insurance – Auto Claims only: 24 hour auto claim service 1-800-274-7865 
Foremost Insurance – All other claims: 24 hour claim service 1-800-527-3907            
Madison Mutual Insurance Co: please report directly to agency or
                                                                report direct to company at 315-687-3211, or online
National General Insurance:  24 Hour Claim Reporting  1-800-468-3466
Progressive Insurance:24 Hour Claim Service  1-800-274-4499
                                                Customer Service & Billing 1-800-876-5581
Sterling Insurance Company:  After Hours Claim Service 1-800-462-4661
The Hartford (Commercial):Claim Service:  1-800-327-3636
                                                             Billing Information  1-800-962-6170
Travelers Insurance:24 Hour Claim Service:  1-800-252-4633
                                                (Personal Insurance) 1-800-CLAIM33
                                              Commercial Claims: 1-800-238-6225 
Utica First Insurance Co: Report direct to agency or call
                                                    24 Hour Claim Reporting: 1-800-456-4556 
Zurich Environmental:   Underground & Above Ground Storage Tank
                                                    To Report Claims:  1-800-987-3373
                                                    If you are removing or replacing storage tanks 
                                                    it is required that you call 1-800-987-3373 at
                                                    least 48 hours in advance to comply with the
                                                    requirements of your policy.
Dryden Mutual Ins. CoClaims – Phone: 800-782-0154 / 607-844-4879